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SPEEDCLEAR Is a high quality clear urethane that features many properties unlike any other clear. Beginner painters generally have problems when they first begin to spray a clear for the first time. They tend to spray too heavy because typical clears usually do not flow out to a high gloss finish for a certain amount of time, minutes in some situations. This in turn leads to the beginner painter spraying too much clear on a panel while waiting for a high gloss to appear which is usually too late by the time it appears. JZ-300 levels instantly when it hits the panel resulting in less wasted paint and an instant high gloss. It contains numerous unique additives to control instant leveling, sag resistance on verticals and uv resistance. JZ-300 welcomes beginner painters as well professionals due to its unique instant leveling ability when this clear hits a panel. This all translates to a high gloss clear coat that sprays extremely smooth and resists running. Not only is JZ-300 easy to spray, but it becomes dust free and ready to buff much faster than other so-called speed clears. This clear is a true production clear and can be buffed in as little as 2-3 hours in air dry applications / 15-30 minutes in forced dry applications. Many shop owners are aware of the high costs of electricity/natural gas and the relationship to shop costs. JZ-300 can save you $ on your utilities because it requires far less heat and time in the oven than other speed clears available today. See force dry comparisons below.