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Hyperflair is a unique diamond pearl powder unlike anything seen before. Under dim lighting such as fluorescent, it appears as a micro fine gold metallic. When exposed to bright light sources such as 100w incandescent and sunlight it pops out as a dazzling dominant display of sparkling silver diamonds with slight hues of different colors. Hyperflair powder is the size of a pearl but has the brightness and sparkle of a large bass boat flake which sets it apart from any other powder additive.

It comes supplied as a micro fine powder additive that can be added to basecoats, intercoats or final clear coats and is still visible even under dense candy colors. Only very small amounts of this additive are required, which makes it the biggest bang for the buck in the custom and industrial paint world.  

Manufactured by motostorm and packaged in 1 oz sizes. Please contact us for a quote on kilogram sizes.

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Hyperflair Powder 1oz(28 grams)