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The efforts of numerous R&D hours have come together to produce the most realistic, true copper effect paint available today. MOLTEN COPPER matches the stunning brilliance of a real polished copper.

Molten Copper is applied over gloss black and medium grey base colors and must be topcoated with an acrylic urethane clear coat for proper color and long term weather/uv durability. Supplied as a ready to spray basecoat, no reducer or catalyst necessary. Sprays easily through hvlp, conventional and airbrush paint guns. This is a highly concentrated paint finish that goes far beyond the coverage of a conventional basecoat, each ounce covers approximately 2 square feet. One quart of molten copper has the coverage equivalent to 3 quarts of regular basecoat.

Molten copper can be applied over various materials that accept an automotive primer. Materials such as metal, wood, glass, plastic, fiberglass, existing paint finishes, gel coat etc can be given a stunning copper finish.

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