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METALUST   micro metallic is our most satin metal paint finish.   Metalust does not look like a typical silver metallic. This premium metallic paint has a realistic metal appearance that resembles satin nickel or stainless steel.

Vehicle wheel with bright metallic smooth satin paint. Satin Hypersilver appearance

Product Features:

  • Low cost
  • Strong dark to light color flop
  • Realistic satin metal appearance
  • Very little metallic grain texture
  • Great coverage
  • Great candy color base

Note: If you are looking for a high polish Hypersilver effect then you should visit our Hypersilver or Ultrabright pages.

Changing the base color from black to different shades of grey will produce different final results. Metalust is comprised of extra fine micro size particles so a smooth high gloss base is required to achieve an amazing satin polished effect. Each ounce of Metalust base covers approx 2-3 square feet. The coverage is 3x greater than a conventional automotive basecoat. All you will need is an airbrush, conventional or hvlp paint spray gun to apply this premium metallic paint. 

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