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The lightest Aluminum underdrive pulley made for the 1995-2004 Nissan Maxima,1996-2002 Infiniti I30/I35, 2002-2004 Nissan Altima 3.5 liter. The Nissan stock pulley weighs close to 6 lbs and these pulleys weigh in near 1 lb. This reduction in weight allows your engine and crank to become more productive once the heavy stock pulley is replaced by one of these. Expect anywhere from 6-11 horsepower just by bolting on one of these pulleys.

Just because these pulleys are extremely light doesn't mean they aren't strong, each pulley is carefully machined from a solid mass of 6061 T6 aluminum which is well known for it's strength and lightweight. These pulleys are 3D computer designed, tested and manufactured by Motostorm Inc. They are 100% american made. The completed design has been street and track tested for a total of two years before the release of these pulleys. Each pulley is hand inspected and computer balanced before final packaging. Not only are these pulleys the lightest but each pulley has a ferrous metal seal bushing located on the back side for added safety and wear. There have been no oil leak issues with this pulley. These Pulleys are smaller than the stock pulley and require two different size belts. All belt sizes are included with the instructions.

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