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MOTOCHROME is our premium mirror spray chrome paint which incorporates static enhancement technology. True chrome plating has a reflectivity rating of 100% applied on a polished steel or copper surface. Our paint has a high reflectivity rating very close to chrome. Motochrome is comprised of several unique and rare materials. It has unlimited uses since it can be applied on materials such as wood, metal and plastic, plus it can be sprayed with a conventional paint gun, airbrush or hvlp.

Motochrome is the most reflective chrome paint available that can be sprayed without the purchase of expensive equipment. This paint is often referred to as "The only chrome paint that actually works." Very little of this material goes a long way since it is sprayed at 20-30 psi and 15% volume exiting the gun. One quart of motochrome is equal to approximately 3-4 quarts of conventional basecoat and no reducer or catalyst is required. It is not applied like ordinary paint so each purchase of chrome paint comes with highly detailed instructions.

Motochrome is applied over a gloss black or grey base. Motochrome can be topcoated with a clear urethene of choice or our special clear coat for the best results. See the photo gallery at the bottom of the page. 

Ready to spray, no reducer or catalyst necessary.

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